Your own party

Your own party

Does your school organize a prom?

As tradition dictates, every secondary school organizes a festive activity following the last year.

  • The school will receive additional financial opportunities

Regardless of the cooperation you prefer, the school will always participates in the profit of the ticket sales. With this she can invest in school infrastructure and / or contribute to a charity of her choice.

  • No extra worries ... we arrange all practical matters!

It takes a lot when organizing a successful event. The experienced team of Umani arranges all practical matters, from the design of the poster to the clean-up afterwards. We only ask that the students take care of ticket sales and promotion in all different ways.
The management and teachers... they will enjoy a relaxing evening. 

  • Umani offers an unbelievable spectacle!

We pay most attention to good service and try to make the difference with our show content.
Those who visit us can enjoy an impressive light show and spectacular shows in 2 rooms. This will undoubtedly give your event a boost and people will always remember your prom!

Feel free to ask for more info and let the adventure begin!

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