General info, FAQ & houserules

In case of fire please leave the building before posting it on social media!
Do not use the elevator… use water! 


    • No access to persons who are in a state of drunkenness
    • No access without ID card or passport or driving license or residence permit, valid within validity period and with photo
    • The maximum capacity of Umani is respected
    • Not respecting the queue or influencing the security at the door can lead to permanent refusal
    • Acts or statements that indicate racism lead to permanent refusal.
    • It is not allowed to use one toilet room with more than one person.
    • As a visitor, you must immediately follow the instructions of the management or staff members, in the interest of your own safety.
    • Broken glass can cause glass fragments on the floor. That is why it is forbidden to take off the shoes. We can therefore not be held liable for injuries / accidents that arise as a result of not wearing (adapted) footwear.
    • When someone from the management / security asks you to come along, you do this immediately in a quiet way. In the club itself there is too much noise to have a qualitative conversation
    • Ladies must be left comfortable. Watch, do not touch.
    • During dance acts, the dancers are allowed to do their work. There can not be climbed on stage during these acts. Touching the dancers is not allowed.
    • No groups consisting of more than 4 boys. This is to guarantee equality in the club as much as possible.
    • Personal details are not passed on to third parties

  • Visitors of Umani must be at least 18 years old.

    Persons younger than 18 do not get access to our club under any circumstances.

    No access without ID card or passport or driving license or residence permit, valid within validity period and with photo



  • Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area, U-Smoke is the only room where this is allowed



  • There is a zero-tolerance inside and outside the club!

    Persons who are in possession or under the influence of soft or hard drugs will be refused.





  • As a visitor, your body or clothing can be scanned for alcohol, drugs and weapon possession. If you do not participate in this check, or if you refuse this scan, we can decide to deny you access to Umani.

    Persons who are refused in Club Kokorico (Zomergem - Ghent) are also not allowed either in Club Umani.



  • For wheelchair users, it is essential that our built environment is accessible, accessible and usable, or in other words 'accessible'. Only such an accessible living environment guarantees the right to be able to participate autonomously and in an equal way in social life, whether it is work, education, building a solid party ...
    Umani offers adapted parking options & toilets to wheelchair users + a lift that can take you to the various levels.


  • A cared-for / net appearance is important.

    Neat city attire at the visit of our club is definitely recommended! If you do not comply with this, access can be denied

    Following items of clothing / accessories are not allowed:

    • Sports clothing such as football shirts, tracksuits and sports shoes
    • Clothing with group-specific texts
    • Shorts
    • Sloppy / dirty T-shirts
    • Only trendy snapbacks are allowed



  • We provide free earplugs for our audience to protect their hearing.



  • It is mandatory to hand over jackets, shoulder and handbags, backpacks, rain shields, helmets etc. to the cloakroom.  Keep your given ticket with your personal number very well ! When this can no longer be presented, the delivered goods will not be returned at the same day! 

    If you lose your ticket and another customer goes with your ticket to the cloakroom, this person can receive your item / handbag ....
    Umani can not be held responsible in all forms of loss / theft both within the club and in the cloakroom.

    Note : Take a nice selfie with your ticket + photo of the ticket. If you still lose your ticket, you still have it as proof


  • Persons who commit violence or provoke it towards other visitors, the operators or the staff, are immediately permanently refused.

    Persons who carry / use weapons or dangerous objects, pepper spray are permanently refused. They are also confiscated and passed on to the police.

    In Club Umani we like to keep a nice atmosphere where everyone feels good. Anyone who is excessively noisy or too wild in his / her movements, which may cause injury to others or cause them to get into a discussion / brawl, risks a sanction.

    In case of arguments / discussions between customers, the security team must immediately be called in.



  • It is forbidden to take food, glasses or bottles inside or outside. Consumptions are only allowed from or in the club.



  • Those who show no respect for everything that is in or around Club Umani can get a sanction

    Damage the ownership of our club, then you are obviously responsible for the costs that a repair or renewal entails



  • Within and outside Umani, we use security equipment such as cameras at various locations. As a visitor, you agree that you will be filmed and / or photographed. When entering our club you give us the right to use and pass these recordings without any restriction. By this you have no right to have a compensation. 

    The recordings can be shown to police and / or third parties in the event of accidents, violence or emergency situations.



  • You may not sell or trade goods without written permission.

    Promotional material (flyers / posters, ...) that are not specific to Umani may not be traded / distributed.


  • Umani can not be held liable for any injuries, material or immaterial damage to visitors when entering the Club. The stay in club Umani is entirely at your own risk. We are also not liable for damage, theft or loss of items (or their contents) in our cloakroom. If you give your backpack or jacket for safekeeping, take out your valuables in advance.


  • We kindly ask you to:

    •  respecting orders
    •  not to cause noise nuisance. We do not like to wake our neighbors from their sleep
    •  show respect for the surrounding houses and their residents
    •  not to drive a vehicle if you have been drinking alcohol 
    • not to create vandalism on the parking / vehicles / surrounding homes



  • If you exceed the house rules, you will be removed from the case.

    Entry fee is not refunded. This also applies if you provoke a violation or encourage someone to do so.

    The police are always involved in criminal offenses.

    For inappropriate matters that are not described in these house rules, the management decides on the measures that will be taken.



  • You can report any complaints in writing. Aim them to

    Your 'right to complain' expires within three working days after the complaint originates.



    • Love each other 
    • Keep your words truthful
    • Be patient and respect each other
    • Give more than you receive
    • Be generous with kind words
    • Forgive one another
    • Live with a thankful heart